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In our last Blog we talked of the Hot Colours of the A/W 2017 Season - But how should we be wearing them?  Let's have a look at what was seen on the catwalks and work out how we can nod to the Fashion Trends without being a slave to them.


Chunky Knits, Grandad Cardigans and Cordoroy

For Daytime there will be no need to be cold this Autumn/Winter.  Oversized knits and Grandad cardigans were all over the catwalk. 

We still have to photograph our lovely range of knits from DECK but take it from us they have got the trend spot on.  And whilst cordoroy featured in many of the Key Designers catwalk pieces for this Season for Lily&Me it had never gone away, with their fabulous needle-cord tunics very ontrend and already flying out the door here.



The Waist is Back

Whether it was coats or dresses, this Season sees an emphasis on the Waist.  Invest in wide belt to update a straight coat or consider dresses with ties or waist details.  A returning brand for us is Smash and we just love this tie dress - perfect for work or the school run. 


image of smashe tie dress


Florals or Plaid

For the more feminine dressers amongst you florals remain popular - be it Rose Bowl pretty or Midnight Garden. 

But for those of you that prefer a print - abstract plaid patterns are where it is at.  Lorna has already snapped up this fabulous easy to wear shift dress from new brand Smashed Lemon.

 image of Smashed Lemon plaid dress

Hi Shine, Bright Spark, Velvet, Victoriana & More

For evening there are a number of trends to choose from.  For fabrics, lace is being replaced by Hi Shine fabrics and luxurious velvets.  Our portugese brand Cotton Brothers delivers on both - perfect for those Autumn Evenings out.


As for style, whilst anything goes "Victoriana" is making a resurgence. So think of high collars and pussy bows. 


image of soyaconcept victoriana blouse


Fancy Tights

One way of updating last year's look is to add a pair of fancy tights - for evening try fishnets and by day add a pair of coloured tights to brighten up your outfit.


Flight of Fancy

Finally "Flights of Fancy" gives you the option to wear anything with a feather trim.  We at Vivaldi are a little too practical to have this trend instore and are recommending if you fancy following this one that you buy a scarf of other accessory - an item of clothing will just be a drycleaning nightmare!


All that is left to be done now is to pick one or two of your preferred looks to update your wardrobe - Roll on Autumn 2017 - its not that like we have had much Summer anyway!