Check It Out

These fun patterns are no longer reserved for your picnic blanket but should take centre stage in your wardrobe. Given a much-needed makeover with modern shades of coral, pink and green Check and Plaid is coming in as one of the biggest trends this summer.  Designers like Stella McCartney and Ganni are featuring this fun patten on their autumn runways, but we like to stay ahead of the curve, so we have them for you to try a season early!


Our Modström and Soaked in Luxury shirts are perfect, one is bright enough to make the clouds disappear and the other a little more neutral, think Dorothy before and after the rainbow. For those who fear the dramatic puff sleeve, there is no need, they add much needed structure and help to balance the loudness of the print. Pair with jeans or a neutral skirt to let the gingham shine or add a contrasting print on the bottom if you want to embrace this trend whole heartedly! These tops are all about having fun so brighten up and try something new this summer.


After the year we have had you (and your wardrobe) deserve something a new and exciting!

Picture of Brinnie short navy striped soft open cardi
picutre showing the back olf the Brinnnie short cardi in blue
Soyaconcept - Brinnie Short Cardigan
Soyaconcept - Berra Shirt
Soyaconcept - Berra Shirt
Soyaconcept - Berra Shirt
Soyaconcept - Berra Dress
Soyaconcept - Berra Dress
Soyaconcept - Biara Jumper
Soyaconcept - Brinnie Long Cardigan