Dress Code: Shirt Dress

The shirt dress has triumphed yet again this summer by being the most popular style of dress! The secret to its success is its versatility as it is; feminine yet masculine, young yet mature, casual yet formal… I could go on! Here at Vivaldi our shirt dresses are always the most sought after dress we have all year round. Our beloved one from Sandwich has already sold out once this summer and we can see why!

Originating in the 1942 from a form of ‘Pop Over’ dress, an apron-like dress designed to protect a women’s clothes when cleaning, the shirt dress has evolved into what we see today. The original idea of practicality however never left the dress in its various stages of redesign as its suitable for almost any event with just a change of print or length. From lady’s day at the racecourse to a casual coffee its always appropriate depending on your styling. But how would you style it?


Being Lesley’s favourite dress isn’t easy, but the shirt dress surely does hold its own, here are Lesley’s top tips! Pairing with a matching scarf and denim jacket are a go to for a casual day to day look. Replacing the fabric belt that comes with the dress is a fast way to elevate your look, makes it look like you tried a lot harder than you actually did! Shoes are another element that you can switch out and change your look, trainers to be laid back, heels for a night on the town, or sandals for the ‘I just got off my private yacht’ look! A trade secret for when its colder is to pop ¾ length leggings underneath so you can be cosy but still look like a million pounds! All in all, this dress is perfect for any occasion so why not add one to your wardrobe! 

this short sleeved blouse  by Grace&Mila has buttons going down the middle into a long v neck
the model shows our grace and mila top being paired with mustard yellow trousers!
Grace & Mila Floral Blouse Navy/Cream
what a cute cardi by grace and mila, with 7 small fuax pearl buttons and full length sleeves and cut
as shown on the model, the grace and mila cardigan pairs well with burgandy bottoms!
Grace & Mila Khaki Damas Cardigan
Image showing the ribbed effect and balloon sleeve of the Grace and Mila Dahir jumper in khaki
Image showing the Image showing the ribbed effect and balloon sleeve of the Grace and Mila Dahir jumper in khaki ona model - layered over the white shirt
Grace & Mila Pullover Dahir in Khaki
Image showing the lifestyle shot of Grace & Mila Dena Maxi Dress in Khaki
Grace & Mila Dena Maxi Dress in Khaki
Our new Grace and Mila dress is a fine knit maxi dress that pulls out all the stops!
the model shows the dress is slouchy sexy
Grace & Mila Dame Knit Dress in Beige