It's Time for Separates

Dressing has changed more this year than any other year I can remember.  Lockdown had a lot to answer for as we all gravitated to wearing lycra.  But as the months have gone on what started as making no effort has progressed to the "Zoom Meeting Top" and separates have made a resurgence.


Whilst dresses are easy to wear, skirts offer the option of changing the top half giving more choice for those video conference calls.



If a skirt is not you - you can still feel comfortable without having to wear jogging bottoms.  Many stockists have added a comfort trouser to their offering.  For example, Modstrom offers a tailored trouser in three styles (crop, flare or stretch ), made of a thick sweatshirt material - perfect for sitting at the dining room table in your make-shift office.


Whatever you decide to wear - from separates to a floaty summer dress, the days of tailoring seem to be over for the moment at least!












Sandwich Clothing Tshirt with large print and mesh detailing on sleeves, This item is 64 cm long in size 38/M, measured from the highest point of the shoulder
Sandwich Clothing - Blue Nature Print T-Shirt
Sandwich Clothing - Denim Jeans
Sold Out
Sandwich Clothing - Linen Woven Midi Length Dress in Kayaking
Sandwich Clothing - Woven Sleeveless Blouse in Kayaking
Sandwich Clothing - Woven Sleeveless Blouse in Kayaking
Sandwich - T-shirt in Blissful Blue