Lockdown Fashion Lessons

As the First Minister of Scotland announced last week that Lockdown is to continue until at least Mid February, lets look back at the fashion lessons we have learnt over the past year.  We have worked from home, attended zoom calls, participated in home schooling and walked in rain, hail and shine and in the process we have changed how we dress.  But what are the new Rules?

1) Tops to cover all eventualities

This time last year we had never heard of Zoom - let alone the "Zoom Top".  Forget throwing on a plain black jumper and think of ways you can make your look more interesting for that Video Call.  A patterned knit works well if the heating is off - or a V neck open cardigan let's us see the top or dress underneath.

Alternatively layer underneath with merino wool or silk knits, letting that new shirt take centre stage.

2) Comfortable yet stylish leggings, joggers and trousers are key investment pieces

It's all well and good being comfortable whilst you homeschool the kids, but take one look in the mirror before you do.  Are those leggings past their best?  Psychologically if we don't make an effort with what we wear then we probably won't make an effort in anything else either.  So ditch the dated lycra and invest in a quality pair of joggers or leggings.  We have found the Modstrom Tanny Collection the perfect alternative - tailored yet made of sweatshirt material you get the best of both worlds - style with comfort.


3) Costume jewellery & a collection of scarves are now essential

Last minute Zoom drinks, or attending a Community Council meeting online - and no time to change?  There is nothing quicker than adding a statement necklace or earring to freshen up that look.

4) Dress Better - Feel Better

As lockdown lengthened last year we all became more than a little fed-up with wearing the same 4 or 5 pieces day in day out whilst more than 90% of our wardrobe went unworn.  Dress better truly makes you feel better and many of us transitioned some of our favourite pieces to fit the new Normal.  Pretty dresses were teamed with cardis and chunky boots.  Silk shirts were mixed with denim or satin skirts added to knitwear to give a dressed down look which said - we were making an effort which was in fact "effortless".


We may have a little longer yet in Lockdown - but at least this time in the fashion stakes we know what we are doing!


Picture of Brinnie short navy striped soft open cardi
picutre showing the back olf the Brinnnie short cardi in blue
Soyaconcept - Brinnie Short Cardigan
Soyaconcept - Berra Shirt
Soyaconcept - Berra Shirt
Soyaconcept - Berra Shirt
Soyaconcept - Berra Dress
Soyaconcept - Berra Dress
Soyaconcept - Biara Jumper
Soyaconcept - Brinnie Long Cardigan