Mad About Mesh

Stand out in this see-through top this summer! Mesh, as scary as it is, can take an outfit from drab to fab. Layering is key to making this sheer top appropriate outside of the changing room. Add a bit of fun back into the simple and classic T-shirt and jeans by popping a mesh top underneath. Wearing something over this piece instantly makes it more wearable and age appropriate!  Modström’s Hamish top is perfect for an abstract addition to your wardrobe! 

A vest top underneath will dress this mesh top up and is perfect for ladies who are conscious about the upper arm area as it covers and conceals, but is breathable, so summer is beginning to look all the more appealing. Pair with trousers made of pleather to give of a cool girl vibe or funky trousers for something worth partying in, once we are allowed of course 😉


Mesh is not something to be scared of so be adventurous and try it out! Come in-store to try this trend today!  

Picture of Brinnie short navy striped soft open cardi
picutre showing the back olf the Brinnnie short cardi in blue
Soyaconcept - Brinnie Short Cardigan
Soyaconcept - Berra Shirt
Soyaconcept - Berra Shirt
Soyaconcept - Berra Shirt
Soyaconcept - Berra Dress
Soyaconcept - Berra Dress
Soyaconcept - Biara Jumper
Soyaconcept - Brinnie Long Cardigan