More Spring/Summer Fashion Trends for 2017

Head-To-Toe Florals

Well will you be brave enough to go top-to-toe florals.  We are thinking that perhaps this Mistral Top would be better teamed with a lime pencil skirt.  But if you want to be a slave to fashion this season you should be wearing it with this Mistral floral skirt.


Post Minimalism 

A favourite trend for Lesley this Season, who loves plain clothes but with added texture or quirky style details.  In fact she even has this Sandwich long grey knit t-shirt top - with its cotton-textured back its perfect to nail the trend.

Super Brights

Put on your sunglasses - whatever, the shade - be it red, yellow, blue, green or orange.  To meet this trend's requirements you need to wear a bright colour from top to toe!

Statement Stripes 

Sandwich Clothing has perfected stripes for this season.  The "mesh" collection for Summer in red or black with matching scarves gives you statement stripes in abundance!

Sandwich Clothing Tshirt with large print and mesh detailing on sleeves, This item is 64 cm long in size 38/M, measured from the highest point of the shoulder
Sandwich Clothing - Blue Nature Print T-Shirt
Sandwich Clothing - Denim Jeans
Sandwich Clothing - Woven Sleeveless Blouse in Kayaking
Sandwich Clothing - Woven Sleeveless Blouse in Kayaking
our long cardi from sanwhich has three buttons going down the ceneter as well as two buttons near the bottom that allow for a slip up to the thigth
sandwich clothing cardi in almost black
Sandwich Clothing - Long Cardigan in Almost Black or Blue
this sandwhich denim jacket is light grey and faded colour, the stone wash makes for a brighter center in the jacket and slgihtly darklend side and around the sitching
Sandwich jacket on model, comes to about her hips and is shown styled with rolled sleeves
Sandwich Clothing - Jean Jacket