Sustainability - What does it mean to you?

With our new understanding of the impact that fast fashion has on the environment, rushing out to buy a whole new Collection for the Season is no longer appropriate.  But that does not have to mean that we can no longer enjoy fashion - we just need to do so responsibly and have a mindful approach to shopping .  By choosing one or two small straightforward steps that fit with our stye and lifestyle we can all make a difference.  So what are the type of things that can you do to help?

Firstly look at what is already in your wardrobe - and "make do and mend" before working out what key new pieces you need.  Lesley has always been a fan of a capsule wardrobe with many pieces being able to be carried from one season to the next. 


Buy from Brands that look after their employees: know your supply chain.  Lily &Me - one of our main suppliers is very much a family business - designing their collections in the UK whilst living, managing and manufacturing their collections in their own factory in Nepal where they know and look after their employees.


Invest in organic fibres wherever possible.  For example, SOYACONCEPT another of our key suppliers is committed to ethical sourcing of materials for their clothes.  They are making efforts to be more sustainable, having introduced organic cotton and are working to use sustainable viscose and bamboo to help make a positive impact on the environment.


Another option is to rent more and buy less - particularly for occasionwear when we will only wear our purchase for that one event.

Rest assured, there are many more options on how to look after the environment whilst continuing to be able to have our fashion fix!








Sandwich Clothing Tshirt with large print and mesh detailing on sleeves, This item is 64 cm long in size 38/M, measured from the highest point of the shoulder
Sandwich Clothing - Blue Nature Print T-Shirt
Sandwich Clothing - Denim Jeans
Sold Out
Sandwich Clothing - Linen Woven Midi Length Dress in Kayaking
Sandwich Clothing - Woven Sleeveless Blouse in Kayaking
Sandwich Clothing - Woven Sleeveless Blouse in Kayaking
Sandwich - T-shirt in Blissful Blue