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  • Colour Trends for Autumn 2015

    Posted on by Lesley Drummond

    Every year Pantone releases a list of colours which they believe should be the key shades for the following season.  Its no surprise then, that from the Department Stores to individual boutiques like Vivaldi, we all have a similar colour offering for our customers.  The good news is Pantone recognises that we do not all suit the same so they offer a range of neutrals and accent colours to choose from to suit us all.  This Autumn the key neutrals are "alumimium" - or grey to you and me, "Cypress" - that is olive green and "Cognac" - a purplish brown

    We have all 3 in abundance here at Vivaldi with Lesley's particular favourite being grey, and her sister Jenny being a big fan of olive green - a fabulous earthy tone.  Our new brand Maison Scotch has lots of grey on offer - with an added bit of sparkle.  In fact this sweatshirt is the nearest that we have ever had to a staff uniform with nearly all the staff owning one!




    As for the accent colours this season - think of bright teal, cobalt blue, pillar box red, and strong berry shades.  There genuinely is something to suit everyone - whether its part of the print or a standalone piece.




    This Lily & Me Tunic in teal is a flattering fit with a pretty crochet neckline, and looks great paired with tan accessories.




    This Adini Tunic/Dress ticks the berry box rather nicely - it's vivid shade of purple contrasts with the navy background and is a nice splash of colour for autumn.

    We are actually all quite excited that the weather is changing and we can start updating our autumn/winter wardrobes!






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