Back To School Time, Back to Me Time

Now that the kids are finally back to school after a long summer, why not treat yourself to some of the new Vivaldi fall collection!!

New Tutti & Co jewellery are the perfect gift for yourself! After all we did go through a pandemic!

Continuing the trend of matching sets to wear at home in lockdown, matching sets are a great way to keep warm as the weather starts to get a bit chillier while still looking fashionable. Try this B Young hoodie in a beautiful Navy colour with the matching bottoms for a drop of look that isn't your pyjamas! 













Our Fall dress make for eye-catching silhouettes for going on a night out on the town now that the kids have some homework to do! Pair with boots and tights for a chilly night time look or chuck on some heels to spice it up! 

If you’re looking for fall pieces that will be a great addition to your wardrobe for the long term why not try this beautiful cream coloured denim? These Dolo Jeans by Great Plains will be able to be used again and again.

If it’s a pop of colour in your wardrobe looking for then why not try our new Soaked in Luxury Jumpers? The stunning colour will brighten up your day, even when the weather is grey!

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Sandwich Clothing Tshirt with large print and mesh detailing on sleeves, This item is 64 cm long in size 38/M, measured from the highest point of the shoulder
Sandwich Clothing - Blue Nature Print T-Shirt
Sandwich Clothing - Denim Jeans
Sold Out
Sandwich Clothing - Linen Woven Midi Length Dress in Kayaking
Sandwich Clothing - Woven Sleeveless Blouse in Kayaking
Sandwich Clothing - Woven Sleeveless Blouse in Kayaking
Sandwich - T-shirt in Blissful Blue