• Lockdown Fashion Lessons

    Posted on by Vivaldi Accessories

    As the First Minister of Scotland announced last week that Lockdown is to continue until at least Mid February, lets look back at the fashion lessons we have learnt over the past year.  We have worked from home, attended zoom calls, participated in home schooling and walked in rain, hail and shine and in the process we have changed how we dress.  But what are the new Rules?

    1) Tops to cover all eventualities

    This time last year we had never heard of Zoom - let alone the "Zoom Top".  Forget throwing on a plain black jumper and think of ways you can make your look more interesting for that Video Call.  A patterned knit works well if the heating is off - or a V neck open cardigan let's us see the top or dress underneath.

    Alternatively layer underneath with merino wool or silk knits, letting that new shirt take centre stage.

    2) Comfortable yet stylish leggings, joggers and trousers are key investment pieces

    It's all well and good being comfortable whilst you homeschool the kids, but take one look in the mirror before you do.  Are those leggings past their best?  Psychologically if we don't make an effort with what we wear then we probably won't make an effort in anything else either.  So ditch the dated lycra and invest in a quality pair of joggers or leggings.  We have found the Modstrom Tanny Collection the perfect alternative - tailored yet made of sweatshirt material you get the best of both worlds - style with comfort.


    3) Costume jewellery & a collection of scarves are now essential

    Last minute Zoom drinks, or attending a Community Council meeting online - and no time to change?  There is nothing quicker than adding a statement necklace or earring to freshen up that look.

    4) Dress Better - Feel Better

    As lockdown lengthened last year we all became more than a little fed-up with wearing the same 4 or 5 pieces day in day out whilst more than 90% of our wardrobe went unworn.  Dress better truly makes you feel better and many of us transitioned some of our favourite pieces to fit the new Normal.  Pretty dresses were teamed with cardis and chunky boots.  Silk shirts were mixed with denim or satin skirts added to knitwear to give a dressed down look which said - we were making an effort which was in fact "effortless".


    We may have a little longer yet in Lockdown - but at least this time in the fashion stakes we know what we are doing!


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  • Its All About the Tanny Pant & the Midi Skirt

    Posted on by Vivaldi Accessories

    With zoom calls and meetings online, the "top half" of our outfits has become ever more important.  But what about the "bottom half".  After a decade spent in dresses our new low-key social lives require a different look and separates are becoming more popular.  But what to wear?  As we sit in our homes we need an extra layer - roll necks under tops have become popular.  But as winter approaches it is time for a sweater.  Yes you can wear with jeans - but for a more feminine look chunky sweaters teamed with Midi Skirts make a lovely alternative.


    If skirts are not for you - we don't want to see you in full lycra - that is for the gym - but we know that comfort is still important.  The Tanny trousers from Modstrom are the perfect option - many of our customers love them so much they come back for a second pair - choose printed or plain, coloured or neutral, straight, kick flare or crop. Made of a thick sweatshirt type fabric with a more tailored look they give you style an comfort.



    Lockdown dressing will be with us for a while -  Regardless of what you choose, its time to make an effort.  We promise you, you will feel better

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  • It's Time for Separates

    Posted on by Lesley Drummond

    Dressing has changed more this year than any other year I can remember.  Lockdown had a lot to answer for as we all gravitated to wearing lycra.  But as the months have gone on what started as making no effort has progressed to the "Zoom Meeting Top" and separates have made a resurgence.


    Whilst dresses are easy to wear, skirts offer the option of changing the top half giving more choice for those video conference calls.



    If a skirt is not you - you can still feel comfortable without having to wear jogging bottoms.  Many stockists have added a comfort trouser to their offering.  For example, Modstrom offers a tailored trouser in three styles (crop, flare or stretch ), made of a thick sweatshirt material - perfect for sitting at the dining room table in your make-shift office.


    Whatever you decide to wear - from separates to a floaty summer dress, the days of tailoring seem to be over for the moment at least!












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  • Trainers with Everything!

    Posted on by Lesley Drummond

    Chances are if you are still wearing shoes from a decade ago they will be ageing you.  If you google "ballet flats" all the articles are from 2010.  Loafers have moved on to:  Nowadays think more  "slipper cut" as opposed to those traditional loafers worn by Princes Diana in the minefields.

    But the gamechanger of this decade is the Trainer.  It modernises everything from a print dress to a suit trouser.  For your first pair go for "box fresh" white or offwhite.  We are big fans instore here of Superga and love white so much we have 3 versions - canvas, leather and bowling style


    My gorgeous Grandmother was ahead of her time.  She would have been 105 now but having suffered with MS from her late 40s always wore trainers.  Sadly for her trainers were not what they are now - she would have loved the choices we have.  Sparkle or suede, leather or canvas - there is something for everyone




    Now all you have to do is choose which pair suits you best!





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  • Style Sessions wth VIVALDI

    Posted on by Claire Vickers

    We just love helping our customers plan their updated wardrobes for each season. We understand the need to feel good in our clothes yet we want to make sensible purchases so we help to reduce our impact on the environment.  That's where we can help.  Look at your wardrobe and identify the gaps - do you need to freshen up your  basics in white and cream - like one of our customers did. 



    Or do you need new tops for all those Zoom calls.  Give us a brief of what you are looking for - we will select some items and put them aside for you to review.  And don't worry if you cannot make it into the store - you can Shop with us using a video link.




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