Too Hot then Too Cold - But what to wear for a UK Spring ?

Or let's be honest - we can have the same problems all Summer too!  With 4 Seasons in one day we Brits have to be prepared for all eventualities.  But what to wear - we thought you might like a few answers to the most commonly asked questions.

1) Can I wear still wear tights?

Its still not quite warm enough to ditch that extra layer.  At this point in the Season, trousers are often a sensible option.  Lesley is a huge fan of wide legged Palazzo pants or jeans.  For the brave amongst you try a colour like these from Modstrom



Or for the less brave, black or white are great staples for your wardrobe. 

Another option is to wear a pair of leggings underneath a maxi dress ( no one need ever know).  Teamed with a pair of white trainers people will only marvel at your ability to have bare ankles in temperatures below 10 degrees!



2. Should I add a cardigan.?

Not necessarily- whilst layers are essential, it does not need to be cardigan.  A chunky knit in early spring can be changed to a fine knit for summer -  teamed over a bright summer dress, either can be tied around your shoulders when the sun is at its height and popped back on as the evening cools.


Lightweight denim jackets - which come in many colours nowadays in addition to the traditional mid blue - are another option.  Wear indoors when its still cold but use as as a jacket in the warmer summer evenings.  By the height of summer you may even be able to change the jacket to a linen alternative.




3. What colours should I wear for Spring Summer?

Transitioning out of black, grey or navy can feel like losing a security blanket.  But its important to embrace the new Season.  Teaming a short sleeved knit in a bright or pastel with a pair of jeans just makes you feel better whilst keeping you warm enough to enable you to show at least some of your arms!



4.) Finally - when can I wear Sandals?

There are some fantastic sandals out there but we would argue you should wait until the weather is a little more predictable.  Remember the advice of your grandmother - you lose a third of your heat from your head and third from your feet - so those toes still need covered for a while yet.  Thankfully the trend for trainers continues unabated.  So invest in a box fresh pair for those evenings out and be ready for that pedicure when the weather allows!


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