We <3 Jeans!

Created in the mid 1800’s for workers who needed a tough trouser, jeans surely have been put through their paces and have been a part of a standard wardrobe for 140 years. Choosing between jeans is just as touch as that original Jean fabric so we have compiled a few tips of how to find the perfect paur for whatever your life throws at you!


How Much Elasticity should my jeans have?

If skinny jeans are your preference elastane in your jeans is a must - if you want them to be comfy that is! Look for a jean with around 1-2% elastane (or other stretchy filaments like spandex or Lycra) for that ultimate comfort fit , and with most modern jeans having at least 2% you should have plenty of choice. Unlike 100% cotton vintage jeans, which stretch out over time, denim containing elastane will move and mould to you but not end up baggy as the elasticity helps them bounce back. This means you can almost skip the ‘reset wash’ that many do when their straight rigid jeans loose too much of their original shape and avoid the embarrassing squeeze back into them when they shrink 3 sizes!

Your jeggings will have around 3-4% elastane and most likely also contain polyester, this makes them super-duper stretchy. Although they look like jeans they lack most of the functionality as they almost never have pockets and lack the characteristics that make a jean a jean, like the rivets, zipper and almost rough texture.

What Shape is for me?

Right now, the most popular jean is the straight or wide leg, these are normally vintage inspired therefore washes are distressed and most likely ripped. If you’re looking to keep on trend then these are the way to go, pair these with tight t-shirts for an effortless style or a baggy jumper to be comfy.


The skinny jean is always a staple for those on the move or need a jean with room for movement. They are comfy, practical, and appropriate for smart casual workplaces as they work equally well with oversized shirts, tight ribbed polo necks or floaty blouses.


A bootcut or flare jean is a good one for if you like jeans tight around the waist and hips but like a bit of movement at the bottom. 



What Size is Which?

27, 38, 10, 08? With so many places using different sizes it’s hard to know which pair to take into the dressing room! Here is a quick rundown on how these seemingly random numbers relate to standard UK dress sizes.

European Sizing normally starts at a 34 and goes up in twos every time. 34 is equal to an eight, 36 is around a ten and so on. When the jeans are sized 28, 29, 30 these are a little trickier. The smallest size would be a 24 (a six in UK sizing) and largest, in most jean retailers, a 32 ( a 14 in UK sizing). Our trick to help work out sizing is that an even number is a true size, and the odd ones are for the in-between. So a 28 would be a true size 10 and a 29 if you find you aren’t quite a 12 but not quite a ten!

A lot of people buy their skinny jeans as tight as they can possibly bear because they do stretch over time, so if you want your jeans to stay skinny you may have to accept some medieval torcher for a while…

Obviously there is no exact science to this as the material, brand and shape of the garment all have to be considered. Just remember the jeans are meant to fit YOU, you are not to fit the jeans, the size doesn’t define you!

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